Kaitlyn Palmer

Kaitlyn Palmer

I’m sitting here in a south side coffee shop. It’s so many people around, so much noise and so much movement. I love it. There’s jazz in the background and as I sit here in my pumpkin stained sweater, Levi jeans, and mahogany leather boots. I am in short, ecstatic, afraid, and full of joy to begin something new. I’ll describe it as such: a mix of my favorite song, on top of my passion for words, reading, and learning, scribbled in some pain and funk, because, what’s anything without a beautiful struggle? I hope you’ll discover, connect, as well as reconnect, and share.

I am a reader, writer, a kind revolutionary, a warrior, wife, traveler, and a goddess of high frequencies. For quite some time now, I’ve had the idea of creating a book review blog. Venturing in time, I distinctly remember second grade. I participated in a challenge to read the most Dr. Seuss books, and won! In my fast, lovely, and at times, furious adult life, I reference Dr. Seuss’s writing from time to time, when my world is loopy, and I need to be reminded of the power, the healing elements of storytelling.

Did I mention, I am a juvenile detention officer? Well, yes, I am and although it is one of the most challenging things I have ever done, it’s also one of my inspirations. The little girls I have the opportunity to work with, teach and learn from are so courageous and their stories are so profound, I find myself amazed at the resiliency, more of that to come.

I am inspired to blog for my own soul, to earn itself some peace, and for the children of big cities who sometimes forget how beautiful their chocolate skin is, how much they resemble butterflies.

My prayer is that you will read my words and begin to speak up and out about what you love, what drives you to the moon everyday. So, I’m interested, what’s your favorite novel?  


-Kaitlyn Palmer