Kaitlyn Palmer

Kaitlyn Palmer


Queen Photographer: BiancaTashae.com

Hey Possible, how are you? I am pleased to have the opportunity to meet you, experience you, touch you and consider, you. 

It’s summer time in Chicago. There isn’t any place I would rather be, than here at this very moment. Native Chicagoans call this 85-degree weather, hot. I call it, all the life I will ever need. The wind is blowing and if you have a moment, you may close your eyes and feel magic caressing the crease and curves of your body.

I am Queen Kaitlyn Palmer. Writing is my superpower. Love and freedom is my purpose. I have lived in Chicago, Il for five years now. What a celebration!

Five years ago, I remember myself as unsure, ambitious, willing, and unknowing of what may be in front of me, we’re not in Memphis anymore!

I can say I am living the life I dreamed of, prayed for, and wrote stories about in my high school creative writing class. I am living in color, close to water and in the company of a beautiful, kind, and musical man.

Always finding my way to a bookstore, a library, or to my mama’s bookshelf, books have always been my guide. Through reading I found adventure, imagination, and specks of gold.

Fast-forward, I am now working with a group of inner city Chicago youth. They are brave, worthy, and capable. I am blessed to be able to tell them these things, remind them of their power, and show them just how much they resemble butterflies.

As I ride through Chicago’s streets, I see a little pain, I see love, resilience, and I see the bucket boys on 87th who are always smiling with their dread heads high, crowns of glory.

Lake Michigan affirms me, everyday, that there is always space to create, to recreate, and to begin again. My prayer is that the brown and black faces residing within Chicago will love one another in a way that is so revolutionary; a new story will be birthed.

My goal is to allow the sun to work its magic, to read as many books as I can, to work diligently, write, forgive as quickly as I can remember, and to create a new space for my spirit to dance.

My prayer is that you will read my words and begin to speak up and out about what you love, what drives you to the moon everyday. So, I’m interested, what’s your favorite novel? 


Kaitlyn Palmer